The United States Pro-Choice Movement

The United States pro-choice movement, commonly referred to as United States abortion-rights movement, has rights movement supporting the view that a woman should be allowed to exercise her legal rights to elective abortion. In other words, the movement supports a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy if she so chooses.

The turning point for pro-choice movement in the United States was in 1973 when the United States Supreme Courts made some historic and far-reaching decision on abolition of many abortion restrictions in the popular Roe V. Wade case. Since that time, a battle-line was drawn between those supporting those rights and those criticizing such rights (also known pro-life movement). The war has been waged for over forty years and still there is no indication it will end.

The arguments of the United States Pro-choice movement are woman centered, meaning they argue that whether or not a woman carries on with her pregnancy is her personal decision as it involves her body, her personal health as well as her future. These arguments seriously challenged by pro-life movements because they are child-centered as so they view things in from the growing infant’s perspective.

The Pro-Choice Movement Organizations

The US abortion-rights movement is an amorphous body without a single centralized decision-making body. There are several organizations distributed throughout the United States with diverse rationales and arguments for their pro-choice stance. Here is a list of some of the most popular pro-choice movement organisations:

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA)

Commonly referred to simply as Planned Parenthood, this is one of the largest affiliates of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. It is a non-profit organization that provides reproductive health as well as maternal and child health services. A related organization, referred to as PPAF lobbies for comprehensive sex education, pro-choice legislations as well as affordable health care to women in the US.

NARAL Pro-Choice America

This US pro-choice movement organization employs political actions to oppose federal restrictions on pregnancy termination and broaden access to abortion services. NARAL is the short form for National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League. The organization achieves its objectives by sponsoring lawsuits, donating money to politicians supportive of abortion rights via its political action committee as well as urging its members to contact members of the Congress in a bit to get them to support NARAL’s pro-choice position.

National Abortion Federation (NAF)

This multinational pro-choice movement began in the US but has now expanded to include Australia, certain European countries, Mexico and Canada. They participate in a variety of activities such as public outreach campaigns, lobbing as well as helpline referral service to members. The organization is responsible as much as 50 percent of the abortions performed in the United States.

The National Organization For Women (NOW)

NOW is a feminist organization in the US that advocates for the rights of women. The organization focuses on dressing abortion and reproductive health services, constitutional equality, violence against women, advocating lesbian rights, economic injustice as well as promoting diversity/ending racism. These are several sub-issues under these.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

This organization is another popular United States Pro-choice movement body that specializes in litigation of social rights and liberties including those of abortion. It supports the right to abortion as established in the famous Roe v. Wade decision by the US Supreme Court. The organization believes that all women should have affordable access to all available contraception options.